Stay Connected

The Internet is an easy tool to keep in touch with coworkers, friends and loved ones around the world. The Internet offers a variety of social networks, which are places where people can connect with one another and share messages, pictures, videos, their favorite sites and much more.

Social Networking

Use MySpace to meet new people and find and connect with people you already know. On MySpace you can create your own profile to share as much or as little personal information as you wish. Then you can search for people you know and add them as friends. If you keep your profile private, only your friends will be able to view your information. If you make your profile public, anyone on MySpace can view it.

Several easy-to-use tools come with MySpace and allow you to upload photos or video to your profile. Friends can comment on your profile and exchange messages with you.

There are dozens of social networks to try, including Facebook and Orkut.

Online Photo Sharing

Flickr is a website for storing family photos, vacation snapshots, weddings portraits, or any digital image collection intended to be shared with friends or family. A basic account is free. Once you upload your photos to Flickr you can open them on any computer with an Internet connection.

Flickr even provides tools to edit your images so they are in the best condition for others to view them. Other popular photo sharing sites include KodakGallery and PhotoBucket.

Online Video

Not long ago, the web was a collection of text and static images. Today, thanks in a large part to Broadband connection speeds, you can find and watch hundreds of videos--from movies and television shows to home-made content from people like you.

YouTube is an online video sharing site with millions of videos from people around the world. Anyone can upload or post a video clip to YouTube for the entire world to watch. Not only has YouTube unleashed personal expression, but it has also enabled citizen journalists to bypass established media channels to share unvarnished views of events like the war in Iraq and the London subway bombings.

You can upload your videos onto YouTube by opening a free account on the site. A helpful introductory video will show you how. Keep in mind that videos cannot exceed 10 minutes in length if you are using the free account.

With sites like and Fancast, you can now watch popular television shows from your computer for free. These sites even offer free movies that you can watch on your computer. For a better selection of free movies to watch instantly online visit Netflix, here for a small monthly charge you can watch as many movies as you like instantly from your computer, but only if you have broadband.