Save Money

Having Internet access at home can help you save money. 

A typical family in the U.S. could save more than $7,200 per year by using the Internet for many basic needs, according to a study by the Internet Innovation Alliance

Here is how you can save, too.

1. HOUSING.  Search online for an apartment to find a greater pool of rentals, compare rents, and find the cheapest option.  Site examples:;;

2. AUTO.  Conduct online research before buying a car to help you get the best deal. Kelly Blue Book information and prices from different dealers can give you the information you need to barter.  Site example:

3. TRAVEL.  Book hotel, plane, and other travel arrangements online to for big cost savings.  Some travel websites help you compare deals from a wide variety of airlines and hotels.  Site examples:;;

4. FOOD.  Use the Internet to find coupons for your favorite products and deals at your favorite stores.  Site examples:;

5. NON PRESCRIPTION DRUGS.  Purchase over-the-counter pain relievers, cold remedies, and natural remedies on the Internet for a lower price than at your local drug store.  Site examples:;

6. GASOLINE.  Save on your gas bill by not driving to stores when you buy online!  Use the Internet to find the cheapest gas prices in your neighborhood.  Site example:

7. ENTERTAINMENT.  Use the Internet to find deals and coupons for restaurants, concerts, museums, and events.  Site examples:;;

8. CLOTHING.  Buy clothes online to save both time and money.  Some online stores offer deep discounts because they do not pay for a fancy storefront.  Site examples:;

9. NEWSPAPERS.  Read newspaper content for free online at your favorite newspaper’s website.  Site examples:;;

10. PAYING BILLS.  Pay your bills online and save on the cost of stamps each month.  Site examples:;;

Learn more about the Internet Innovation Alliance study.

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