How to Use the Resource Map

Type your address, city, or zip code in the white box to find resources near you. Then click on the yellow “Next Step” button.

Click on one of the four buttons to find that resource near you. After being selected, the button will turn yellow. Next, click on the yellow “Search Map” button, and you will be shown a map of all of the relevant resources near your location.  

Resources near your location will appear on the map as small icons, or pictures. Place your cursor over theseicons to learn more about each resource.
The resources are also listed to the left of the map.  Look at the bottom of the list to see how many resources are available in the area you have chosen. If the list is long, you will not see all of the resources at once, so remember to scroll down the list using the grey bar to see the complete list.

The star marks the address that you entered at Step 1.

To learn specific details such as address, program description, and hours of operation, about each resource, you can either click on the location on the map, or you can click on the link provided in the list.

Use the bar to the left of the map to zoom out (minus symbol) and expand the area that is searched, or to zoom in (plus symbol) and narrow the area. If you do not see any resources near your location, you can zoom out (minus symbol) to broaden the area of your search.

Don’t see any resources on your map?

The location you entered in Step 1 does not have any resources nearby. Currently, resources are only available in 21 California counties.

You can try the following:

1.  Go back to Step 1, and enter a different, but nearby address, city or zip code.

2.  Use the bar to the left of the map to zoom out (minus symbol) to broaden the geographic scope of your search.

3.  Call 2-1-1 and speak with a call specialist.