Computer Help Days

access nowOverjoyed to have her computer repaired.

Access Now hosts community events throughout the state—Computer Help Days—to repair old or outdated equipment, offer subsidized refurbished equipment, provide hands-on computer training, and introduce meaningful online resources to community members at community centers throughout California. Access Now partners with community groups like San Francisco based organizations Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center and Self-Help for the Elderly to offer their free services to residents.  Often, broken equipment is the only barrier for some individuals to getting online and accessing resources on the web.

Lorriane Williams brought her laptop to the Treasure Island Computer Help Day sponsored by Access Now on January 25, 2011. Volunteer technicians scanned her computer, removed a virus, and taught her Lorraine how to transfer files to an external hard drive.  “By having access to my computer, now I can access my email which I use to work from home, instead of going without or having to come to the computer lab,” said Lorraine. “Working from home allows me to be more efficient.  A person without a computer is like a person without a phone, cut off from the world.”

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