Broadband vs. Dial-up


A dial-up connection allows users to connect to the internet via their telephone line using a standard 56k modem. The computer literally dials a telephone number provided by the Internet Service Provider and connects to the server's modem and therefore the Internet. Dial-up has a transfer rate of 56 Kilobits of data per second under ideal conditions.

Broadband (or High-Speed Internet)

The distinctive chatter of a dial-up is rapidly becoming a sound of the past as broadband sweeps the global network. In fact, only 3 percent Internet users still use dial up. It's no mystery why when you consider the enormous benefits:

Save Time: Broadband operates from 10 to 20 times faster than a dial-up connection, enabling the speedy transfer of large amounts of data. For instance, downloading a song takes a few seconds versus perhaps 10 minutes with dial-up; e-mailing digital photos is almost instantaneous.

Save Money: If you now dedicate a second phone line for Internet access, you can cancel it. Also, broadband subscribers usually pay a flat monthly fee, avoiding hourly usage charges. In the long run, it may actually cost you less for broadband than for a dial-up account.

Convenience: With broadband you have instant Internet access, 24/7, so you don't have to connect each time you want to go online--you're always connected. This makes it easy to access information when you need it, check your e-mail, and even make phone calls over the Internet. Also, multiple computers can share a broadband connection, a great feature if members of your family want to be online at the same time.

New Services: Once you have high-speed Internet access, a new world of possibilities opens to you, such as videoconferencing and photo sharing. You can also listen to online radio and watch streaming video, as well as download music, film clips and movies.

Test your Internet speed now

Test the speed of your Internet connection here: Look at the Quality of Service percentage in the top left hand corner of the graph. You should want a score of 90% or higher.

Also look at where your connection falls on the graph, if your results are in the red you are running on a slow dial-up connection and will have trouble navigating the web quickly, viewing websites that have a lot of flash and accessing content such as music and video. Ideally you should want be at 512kb or above.